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So I was updating my website today and I just noticed something funny…

I had two novels published this year, and they both have images of feet on their front covers. Yup, feet.

They’re very different from each other, of course: The cover of Record Breaker shows twelve year old Jack’s slightly scruffy Converse running shoes while Attitude’s cover image is of a dancer’s feet.

Record BreakerAttitude Cover

Still. Feet.

So (since I was procrastinating doing various other things, like working on my next book) I googled book covers, and trends, and then, more specifically, book covers with feet on them. And what I learned was that– while Foot Book Covers aren’t as overdone (not to mention nowhere near as problematic and disturbing) as, say, Pretty White Girl in Fancy Dress covers,  Submissive Girl covers, Headless Girl covers, or Dead Girl covers–  there are quite  few of them out there and a lot of them are pretty cool.

And unlike the cover trends I mentioned above, Foot Book Covers have some nice benefits. They give the reader a glimpse of the character’s quirks or hobbies or personality but they don’t assume a particular body type or skin color. They don’t spoil the reader’s ability to envision the character however she or he chooses.

So to celebrate my two newest releases, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Foot Book Covers for various age groups.

First, the grown-ups. I read this one last year. It’s rather sad and somewhat dark and at times very funny.

The Leftovers

And a Foot Book Cover for teens. I actually haven’t read this one but it sounds awesome (cyborg mechanic Cinderella? How cool is that?) and I love the cover…

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)

One for the tweens…. Remember this  classic novel by the prolific writer and wonderful anti-censorship advocate, Judy Blume? I devoured it (along with every other girl in my fifth grade class) :


And for the little ones, I almost picked Feet Are Not for Kicking– but who wants lessons when you can have one of my all-time favorite authors, Dr. Seuss? I think I still know this book by heart (“I wish that I had duck feet, and I can tell you why. You can splash around in duck feet. You don’t have to keep them dry…”



Then I started thinking about my other books, and wondering if they had new Foot Book Covers, what they would look like. Out of Order would have black Doc Marten boots, for sure. Or bare feet standing on a bathroom scale, though I’m sure that’s been done too many times already. And Liars and Fools would have boat shoes. Inferno? Running shoes.

What about your favorite books? What kind of Foot Book Covers would you pick for them?




  1. Tanya Kyi said,

    October 16, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Wow — you could do a follow-up post on all the different covers of Are You There God? The foot cover looked so strange to me, I googled the book to see which version I read (you know, back in the dark ages). There are SO MANY covers!

  2. Robin Stevenson said,

    November 21, 2013 at 10:55 am

    Hey Tanya,
    I missed your comment somehow! Just stumbled across it in a spam folder– sorry! And yeah- wow- just googled it and there are a crazy number of covers. I vaguely remember reading a copy with a purple cover when I was ten or so– and here it is: http://www.sheistoofondofbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/are-you-there-flashback.jpg

    And it looks like there’s going to be yet another cover next year. I just found this: http://www.today.com/books/are-you-there-god-judy-blumes-book-covers-are-changing-2D11624172

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